Wise Mirror Poems

by Samatha Tune

Wise Mirror wise mirror, is a utopia existences
Wise mirror wise mirror, using technologies assistances

Wise mirror wise mirror, might help you see
The utopia world that exists in you and me

Exploring parts of the sub-conscious that a lot of humans might not see
Taking you into dimension, out of 3D and into 5D

Mars girl will take you on a journey, education and virtual reality
Conscious leaders and new technologies, they will help guide us to a wise mirror mentality

Seeing technology used for good and opening your minds perspective
This is for the greater good, we are doing it for the collective

To elevate the collective consciousness to access higher dimensions
To birth a brighter future though facilitating new technologies inventions

With a human centred approach, including the heart the soul and the mind
Let’s all unite as one thought love, be open and kind

Let’s work together and create a wise mirror world for us and the next generation
Love, share and create and allow these words to inspire new innovation

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Your future self is making a call

She saying
“ WAKE UP to your beauty, that exists from within.
Drop the old story, put it in the word bin”

I am here as a reflector, to hold the mirror up to you
What you see in me, exists in you to

Self-love and acceptance, it’s how we set ourselves free
Tune in to the hight frequencies, live life how it’s supposed to be

I am here as a star seed, here to connect you to your inner beauty.
I am doing it because I care, because it’s my duty.

Its our duty to look after each other, because we are all the same.
Imperfectly Perfect there is no shame.

I am here on a mission, to connect heart thought Hair
Being vulnerable to inspire, because I care

So welcome to my world, and thank you for Tuning In
Sending you love and light, let the exploring begin