Wise Mirror Consciousness

by Anuraj Gambhir

It came as gush to my sub-conscious mind

It knocked and awakened

It was a light of many a awakened souls

That set foot on a journey to rekindle my will-power,

To re-connect me to my true self, my soul

It spread light with immense strength

That awoke every soul to a new beginning

For our planet, our purpose, our being,

And to put people before profit,

To make it meaningful and blissful and re-invent empathy

It brought a feeling of nostalgia with grace, empowerment and eternal love

It re-ignited the wonder within to bring out curiosity at every level

With it’s mystical force It brought an air filled with magic

To transform humankind, societies and change our outlook of life

Made us feel fulfilled, grateful and compassionate

To harmonize our environment, rapidly lead us to attain a state of equilibrium

And most of all to Connect us with each other heart-to-heart, with nature and our true self to make us Wise like never before